Fundamentals Series: CS-Part 2 — Software

  • Fundamentals of Mathematical and Computing Sciences: Computer Science, Part II
  • Lecturer: Ken Wakita (Associate Professor), W8-W Building, 9th floor, Room 907
  • Contact me using the Web form that you find at the bottom of this page.

Following Prof. Watanabe’s first part, I (Ken Wakita) will be teaching important topics of software development.  Basically we will discuss how we put our idea into a working software in an efficient and effective manner.

As you will learn during the first part, it is important to break down a large software into a smaller, modular units.  For this purpose, we usually define a meaningful interface that split a software into independent parts as well as layers of abstractions.

Such decomposed components are described using various programming languages.  Why we need different programming languages?  It is because a programming language suits to describe a high-level abstract components, while another can effectively express lower level details.

The detail of my part will announced soon.


  • 6: Nov. 18
  • 7: Nov. 25
  • 8: Dec. 2
  • 9: Dec. 9
  • 10: Dec. 16

Teaching materials

PDF formats of the slides will be offered via public Dropbox link.

Course notebook is offered via public Evernote notebook.  If you are an Evernote user, please subscribe to this notebook and my notes is automatically imported to your Evernote when you sync.

Suggested readings will be added on a public Evernote note.


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