Computational Brain Science and Complex Networks with Matlab/SPM

Computational Brain Science and Complex Networks with Matlab/SPM
Ken Wakita (Social network analysis) and Prof. Hiroyuki Akama (Computational brain science)
Monday 10:45-12:15

I teach the first half of the “Computational Brain Science and Complex Networks with Matlab/SPM” class. My part deals with social network analysis using Matlab.

A pointer to the online course material is provided during the class. If you fail to attend the class, ask me for the pointer via email.

  • Course introduction and guidance (with Prof. Akama)
  • Introduction to social network analysis
  • Getting started with MATLAB
  • Social network analysis with MATLAB
  • Small world phenomenon
  • Scale-free networks
  • Advanced topic

Please consult OCW-i about the second half of the course fought by Prof. Akama.


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